Monday, December 18, 2017

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D Day has arrived! D Day has arrived!

Also known as diet day! Yes the time has come once more to try and shed a few unwanted... read more

Champagne Taste … Champagne Taste …

On a Beer Budget! November is fast approaching and I have to endure yet another birthday... read more

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Crappy Poetry

Echoes Echoes

Echoes © 2000 Tanya Cropper The sound is faint, a  soft clicking noise, coming... read more

Saline Saline

Saline – a poem by Tanya A drop of moisture falls gently from the edge, soundlessly... read more

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Pet Peeves

The “downfall” of television The “downfall” of television

I just watched this new show on ABC that is called “down fall”.   It... read more

Pennsylvania Drivers Pennsylvania Drivers

Now don’t get me wrong – I am sure that there are a LOT of drivers in... read more

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I Spy!

California Raisin’s Cousin Rose? California Raisin’s Cousin Rose?

I have been living at my Auntie M’s for nearly a year since her health started... read more

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Websites, Wordpress and Logos Oh My!

Wally’s Garage Wally’s Garage

This is a website that I did for my husband who owns a garage in Berlin Maryland.   I had fun drawing the garage and the stuff inside it.  (if you mouse over the navigation or the doors they open up!) My husband still has to work on some of the content but until then I am calling it done.  Read More →

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