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We didn’t get a refund

June 11, 2010 by  
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AKA:  My appliances apparently do not understand English.

washer and dryerThis year we didn’t get a refund from Uncle Sam – in fact he nicely requested that we pay him promptly on April 15th.  Now most of you are probably thinking that this is a good thing because it means we made more money than normal.  NOPE.

Our lovely son grew out of the EIC bracket and left us in a lurch.  (inconsiderate little brat that he is)

Anywhooooooooo every year when we would get our measly little refund something would come along and snatch the dreams of having extra money away from us.   There was the year that a tree limb fell off a tree that had been there for 300 years and even though it had PLENTY of other places to land – it picked my windshield.  CHA CHING!

Then there was the water pump, the AC unit, etc. etc.  Well this year, just as May was approaching, I was doing a load of laundry and on the phone with a customer when I heard this noise.  I went into the utility room to investigate and found myself standing in an inch of water.

The first thing I did (after I politely asked my customer if I could call her back) was sniff the air – laundry detergent – then I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief because I knew I wasn’t standing in an inch of sewer water.  It is always good to find the silver lining in EVERY circumstance and knowing that I didn’t have to spend the next hour cleaning up fecal water was a very shiny silver to be sure.

After I mopped up the water and calmed down I sat down on the throne (the lid was closed) and had a nice long heart to heart with my washing machine.   I realized too late that I should have had this discussion with ALL of the appliances on April the 15th but I didn’t.

I told the washer (and the dryer since it was sitting right there) that while I appreciate and UNDERSTAND that they are exhausted (who the heck isn’t) we did NOT get a refund this year and therefore cannot afford to replace either of them.

My washer being the trooper that she is worked just fine for about 10 loads after that.  Then she must have gotten agitated (get it?) because she had a nervous breakdown and that was that.

Now I need a new washer and of course since the dryer is the same age we should probably replace that puppy as well.   :::: BIG SIGH ::::

Does anyone need a website that owns an appliance store?

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