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If I die today…

June 11, 2010 by  
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it's a wonderful lifeI figure if I die today it will be one less thing I have to do tomorrow.

I know that death isn’t supposed to be funny but when it is your own death I think there is some lead way in there.

Before you jump to conclusions – I am not dying (at least I don’t think I am) but when you reach a certain age you start thinking about your impending mortality quite often.

You think about what would happen to your family, your friends and even your customers.  You get your own little version of “it’s a wonderful life” playing on a loop in your head.  It’s kinda neat – kinda annoying all in one.

The other day I was thinking about death and realized that I am not the least bit afraid of dying.  Large hairy spiders on the other hand scare the shit out of me.

While I know we can’t dictate how or when we will die (unless we decide to do ourselves in)  I have  put in my request with the big man upstairs for a quick and sudden departure.  I am not all that keen on wasting away while my loved ones struggle to help me survive.   I would rather drift off in my sleep or drop like a rock from a heart attack (preferably not while I am naked).

I have already planned out my funeral.  I don’t have it written in stone or anything but the folks who are in charge of that stuff know what I want.  I don’t want a typical funeral with folks lined up to stare at me,  I didn’t look all that great when I was alive so unless the undertaker is a magician there isn’t much chance of me looking any better when I am dead.

I would rather have a roast-me / toast-me type shingding.  In fact I told my hub that if I croak when it is warm outside they can have a nice BBQ and just toss my ashes on the fire.  I don’t want any sappy songs playing – nothing that is liable to turn on the water-works – just a gathering of all my family and friends to swap horror stories about me.  I hope that the day is full of laughter and good memories and that no one remembers the time I…… ummm I will save that for another post.

I have lived a good life,  I have done pretty much everything I wanted to do and have no regrets so I won’t be crying about lost loves or things I wish I had done.  I am not sure if I buy into the whole “after-life” concept.  A huge part of me is looking forward to the peace and quiet of NOTHING.

How about you?

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