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Champagne Taste …

September 4, 2010 by  
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On a Beer Budget!

November is fast approaching and I have to endure yet another birthday for the 43rd year in a row. Apparently if I stop having them it is a good indication that something has gone terribly wrong – so have them I must. Happy Birthday to ME!

This year I have decided to embrace the aging process and work up a wish list of things I know I will never get but desperately WANT. (did you hear that? I could have sworn that I just heard my moms voice telling me that I was getting my wants and my needs mixed up. lol)

1st on that list is adobe CS5 Master Collection. This puppy costs more than a good used car ($2,599.00) but that doesn’t keep me from wishing I had it. I figure I would be just as happy with the Design Premium version which only costs $1,899.00 on adobe or $980 on eBay but since I am dreaming I figured I would dream big.

2nd on the list is a good digital camera. A few years back I invested in what I thought was a good digital camera (cannon powershot S3 IS) but like the dude that was looking for the challis in Raiders of the lost ark – I chose poorly. All I want is a compact digital camera with a good zoom, great macro abilities, and good pixel quality. If there is such an animal out there – I WANT IT!

Last but not least – I would love to have a new desktop computer with the memory of 12 elephants and enough hard drive space to save the world. I have been looking at Dell and drooling over this puppy.

That’s it for the stuff that costs money…. now for the priceless stuff.

A) I would love for my family to be healthy and happy for a VERY LONG TIME!

B) I would love to lose some weight (if I got out of this chair more and ate less it would probably happen but I wouldn’t stake my life on it)

C) I would love to win the lottery so I could spend every last cent of it on my family, friends, and a boat load of people that I have yet to meet. I think it would be such a thrill to be in a position to just pay off a strangers mortgage or buy a working mother of 3 a new mini van. I don’t know how folks like Bill Gates can hang onto the billions of bucks that they have – The thought of all that money just sitting in a bank somewhere doing nothing is a bit depressing to me.

D) Last but not least – I would really love it if my dog would STOP WAKING ME UP EVERY 20 MINUTES!!!!! lol

Well that is it for the birthday wishes. If I just get the first item on my priceless list I will be a happy birthday girl.

Here is hoping that your birthday is filled with friends, family and of course CAKE!

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