Monday, December 18, 2017

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I have sat here staring at this page for like an hour now and I can’t think of anything that you would want to know about me.

I am just a 42 year old woman with a thirst for knowledge and a penchant for sarcasm.   I got hitched to my husband when I was 16 (he was 25) and we have a lovely 20 year old son.

Since I can hear you all scrambling for your calculators I will save you the trouble.  I wasn’t knocked up when I got married – in fact it wasn’t until six years later that my baby clock started ticking.  I woke up one morning and it was no longer a want to have a baby.. it was a NEED.  So I quit smoking, took pre-natal vitamins, ate healthy, the whole sheebang for almost a year.  (yeah it was overkill but it was worth it!)   Nine months later I lost my heart to a 6 pound baby boy who is without a doubt the best thing I have ever done.

Due to the fact that I got married so young I didn’t have a chance to go to college therefore everything I know I taught myself.   I do A LOT of google searches.

10 years ago I started selling junk on eBay and somehow stumbled into the world of auction templates and business logos.  I started fiddling with computer graphic programs and it wasn’t long before I was making logos left and right.  After that I taught myself HTML (which has now morphed into XHTML and CSS) to be able to make auction templates.  That turned into building websites and the rest is history.

These days I am specializing in WordPress websites for personal and business use.  I also do e-commerce websites with shopping carts and so on.  It has been a long road and it wasn’t always a smooth ride but it was a lot of fun getting here.

And now hopefully you know enough about me to like me but not enough to steal my identity.  Of course if you did steal my identity you would find out that you owe a boat load of money to a lot of people.   If you could pay all that off for me I would be forever grateful!!!

Just Me T~